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Blending together ambient beats, gothic rock, and foreign influences, Angel Anatomy brings you the two haunting voices of Anya St. James and Lorelai Lyn. They have come together to deliver stunning performances to both national and international audiences, enchanting them with their visuals and unique sound. The Angels have worked with several industry professionals over the years and have performed at local and out-of-state anime conventions, private events, and parties. In 2012 they opened for iconic video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and his band, the Earthbound Papas, and are in the process of releasing a brand new EP in late 2013.

Angel Anatomy. Anya St. James & Lorelai Lyn from their new Fire and Ice shoot. Photos by Aly•Cat.

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    look look!! it’s me and my partner for music! c: we’re doing a release really soon! i worked so hard on these costumes...
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    Beautiful! This are really stunning costumes and beautiful photography too. These two ladies not only are talented...
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